Tuesday, 19 July 2016

CD Recording

CD Recording

With the musical fast approaching and rehearsals well underway, the CD is being recorded.  With all of the students who have songs having to go to the Junior Campus to record their songs.  The music is sounding amazing!  Hope you are all planning to purchase the CD when you come to the show see you soon!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

2016 Musical

In 2016 Gardenvale Primary School presents a wonderful musical called
‘An Absolutely Unreal Deal’

And so the deal is set… the three school bullies must spend ONE night in the House of Terror, or face the consequences! Meanwhile, three little ghosts are having troubles of their own.
Can three ghosts and three bullies somehow work together, help one another and learn a few major lessons about life along the way? Let’s hope so!
An Absolutely Unreal Deal is an energetic and colourful musical for the young and the young at heart that will have you singing in the aisles and all the way home.

OPENING NIGHT:              Tuesday 6th September –      7.30 p.m           Besen Centre, Burwood
MATINEE :                         Wednesday7th September- 11.00 a.m                Besen Centre, Burwood
SECOND NIGHT:                Wednesday 7th September- 7.30pm                     Besen Centre, Burwood
CLOSING NIGHT:               Thursday 8th September –     5.30 pm                   Besen Centre, Burwood

Ticketing will be available through www.trybooking.com and sales will commence from Monday 8th August. Tickets will not be available via the school.